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Anointed Scribes


Are you aware of the saying,"you can't judge a book by the cover"? Thats not necesarily true. You can make a sale or miss a sale just by the cover of your book. Your cover should be arresting, it should grab the attention of the possible customer that sees your book in a book store or online.  

The Lord has blessed Anointed Scribes Publishing, with a team that is ready to help you, make your dream of publishing a reality. To help create your book cover, you will have a one on one conversation with our designer so that he/she will have a full understanding of what you want.

I believe that your book cover should tell a story and you should be able to explain the story. Your cover should be compeling, creative, rich and vibrant. It should not have any designing flaws or imperfection. To your eyes, a cover might looks nice, but to the trained eye, it could be imperfect. Please, et us help you design your book cover. We are here for all of your publishing needs.

I was doing some research on book covers and this is what I found from the Midwest Book Review Group. Reason for them to reject a book without opening it is "Stack #3 are those titles that are immediately rejected -- not for their subject matter; not for being written by a first time author; and not for their self-published, POD-published, or small press published status, but because they are poorly designed or defectively produced in terms of presenting substandard, inadequate, or otherwise unattractive covers. They are rejected for having cover art that looked like the product of a high-school drawing class assignment for beginners. Cover art that was so avant garde that it left all mainstream sensibilities bewildered in its wake. Cover art that looked cheap, felt cheap, was cheap.

They go on to say "Having a wonderful packaging of your written work is only how you cross the reviewer's threshold. How you are treated once inside depends entirely on how well you write, and how well what you've written comes across in the subjective evaluation of the reviewer.

A literary triage selection process rejection is not a negative review of the literary work inside the book. It is a negative review on the work with respect to the appearance and presentation the book to the reading public. When it comes to the success of a particular book in competition with all the other books clamoring for the attention of a reviewer (or the general reading public), what is on the outside is just as important and every bit as vital as what is on the inside.

 The article ended by saying "If an author or publisher simply can't afford top quality artwork for the cover, artwork that would hold its own against all the competition its niche or category, then try to use a thematically appropriate photograph instead. Failing that, try for a font-based design and color combination that will visually attract interest and persuade a browser to open the book up to see what's inside.

It is that cover that will entice a reviewer, bookseller, distributor, librarian, or customer to at least pick it up long enough to open it up, and then cast eye tracks on the interior where (hopefully) the really good stuff is waiting for them."