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Anointed Scribes



Ideally, we would prefer if all payments are made upfront. However, we are here to help you make your dream a reality. We understand that some authors need help and more time to be able to financially cover the cost of their books. So we have establish the "Pay As You Go Option."

This program, allows you to begin the publishing process, by submitting your book to us so, that we can begin the process for you.

We ask that at least a 50% deposit be made to establish your account with Anointed Scribes Publishing.

Additionally, we also have "The Split Payment Option." This is where instead of paying for all of the parts of publishing,(formating, editing, cover design, book purchase, etc.) at one time, you can split up your payments and pay for them separately.

We offer a 10% discount to all authors, who pay for all the parts(formating, editing, cover design, book purchase, etc.) of publishing their book up front.

If you need to use our payment plan, or if there's anything else we can do to help you, please speak to one of our Publishing associates, who will be glad to assist you.

Please note that there will be a 10% additional charge to use our payment plan.