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Anointed Scribes

 Marketing and Advertising

         Many authors do not think about Marketing and Advertising their book.

Marketing and Advertising however, is an extreamly important step, in accomplishing your dream of being a published author.


To say thank you for publishing with us we will:

Give you an Author Section here on our website  

Put your book in our free online book stores here @ ASP with a link back to your website so that the purchases can be made on your site.

Advertise your book in Janice Hylton Ministries monthly newsletter 

Other avenues of advertising.

  For only $49.99, we will create an Eblast for your book that will be emailed to all of our contacts and those of Janice Hylton Ministries, and other affiliated ministries.



For Publishing With Anointed Scribes Publishing


Example:  An author has a book with a retail price of $10, the distribution fee is set to 40% and the printing costs are $3.50.

The profit  = Retail price – distribution fee – printing cost = $10 – $4 (40% of $10) – $3.50 = $2.50 per book.


  • Registration with all major online booksellers and national distributors
  • Registration with Books in Print database providing worldwide availability
  • - Amazon Kindle distribution
  • - Apple iBookstore distribution
  • - Barnes & Noble Nook distribution
  • - Google Editions
  • Dog Ear will design and distribute an email marketing campaign to your list of up to 500 email addresses
  • Amazon Search Inside and B&N Look Inside
  • - Inclusion in both the Amazon and Barnes & Noble book search content programs
  • Custom SEO Web site
  • - Optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN and more!
  • Custom Social Media Campaign
  • - Custom set up and integration of Facebook and Twitter with your site
  • Custom Social Media Campaign
  • - Custom set up and integration of Facebook and Twitter with your site

We distribute to more than 38,000 retailers, libraries, schools, and distribution partners in 195 counties.

Marketing is all about creating awareness for your e-book: I don't have any secret marketing tips to offer, but what I can say is that you can't sell a book if no one knows it exists. Most of book marketing is simply about creating awareness and you need to do that however you can, whether it's through social media or blogging or passing out fliers on a street corner. (I made a business card for my book, which I pass out if someone seems interested in hearing more about it.)







  Marketing and Advertising

Publishing your book was the easy part. Now the real work begins and thats GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT Y

To say thanhing with us we will:

1. Give you an author page

2. Put your book in our book stores free of charge.

We are blessing you with the above offers, hoping that you will purchase our  Eblast package.

Other avenues of advertising. For only $50, will create and Eblast for your book that will be emailed to all of our contacts and those of Janice Hylton Ministries and other affiliated ministries. We will also advertise your book in our monthly newsletter.


FREEBIES For Publishing With Anointed Scribes Publishing

Build your customer email contacts.  @ Book signings, events, your church, job, peole you meet, tell people about your book and ask if they would like to join your email contacts.have a paper available for people to add their emails.

Attend as many functions as possible and give out your business cards.
Always have a book where ever you go.

Have other little freebies like pens, book markers, magnets, calendars etc, what ever your budget can allow. People love freebies.

Always be polite, smile and be friendly and sum up your book in less than a minute.

Make a poster with your book and a picture of yourself with it for your signings and other events that you attend.

Get your book on as many free websites as possible.

You might have to spend a few bucks but there are some news paper that will allow your to advertise your book for a small fee.

Advertise in your local news paper or community papers.

Talk to your local restaurants, movie theather and tell them about your books. Ask if you can leave fliers or set up a book signing at your local movie theather, skating ring, community center etc.

For more on advertising and marketting your book, please purchase my book called