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Anointed Scribes


Editing is a huge part of publishing that alot of authors doesn't think about. When I published my first book, it went through 5 versions of editing. Even though I spent alot of money getting my book publish, I later realized that the publisher sent the wrong file of my book to be printed. When I received my book, I was shocked at the numbrer of mistakes that was in my book. There were mistakes that my editor and I corrected that in the final version was not.

For my second printing, I had to spend alot of money correcting the PDI, file to reprint it. Now, that I have established Anointed Scribes Publishing, I now need to go back and make those corrections to my WORD document so that I can reprint my book under Anointed Scribes Publishing.

This is why I will personally read over every book, before it goes to print, to make sure all mistakes are corrected. Anointed Scribes Publishing takes your book personal.

EDITING can cause your book to fail or prosper. I have read or should I say struggle to read a number of books, where the message was GOOD, but the book could have used a good editor to edit it and bring it to perfection.



Here at Anointed Scribes Publishing, editing is done per hour.  When I was publishing my book and was doing research on how editing was done, a number of companies charge per word. While this practice works well for a lot of people, it is not benifcial to everyone as my self.

In my first book I used alot of scriptures especially in the second half of my book. I was told that I would be charge per word to edit those scriptures also, even though they do not need to be edited. I thought this was an unfair practice and thankfully I was blessed with an editor that agreed with me.

  If once your book is edited, and you need to make more changes, you do not have to pay an additional price. This can include a sit down or phone conversation with the editor to discuss your work, what you would like done. 

Also, once your book is converted to a PDF file to be sent to be printed, one of our trusted team members, will review it once again. In addition, once your proof book arrives, the we will review to make sure  your desires are met.


Its important for us to have an understanding of what  Editing is because Editing is not checking for mispelled words.

Editing is the detection dysecting the whole document and putting it back together again. Editing detects and remove any incorrect grammatical errors. It eliminates parts of the document that is not suitable for the targeted audience.

Editing clarifies obscure passages and it puts the document into the properly sequence to achieve a smoth and unbroken flow of your book.

Editing Involves But Not Limited To:
Organization Citation  Rhetorical Consistency
 Arranging, Restructoring
 Levels of Diction  Revising  Spelling
Content  Phrasing Ambiguities   Lexical Register
 Flow  Basic Aorrections
Clarity  Audience Appropriateness  Rhythm


   Colloquialisms  Enhancement    Punctuation


 Plot Structure

 Readability  Organization & Development  Message Effectiveness  Voice
 Formatting & Indexing  Focus  Fact-Checking    
 Marketability    Tone, Voice & Dialogue  Grammar  Character Development
 vocabulary    presentation    Expression
 Point of View  Setting  Pacing  Target Audience  Story Development









comma usage and splices



run-on sentences

subject-verb agreement

verb tense

  double negatives

correct prepositions

adjective and adverb use










gerund/infinitive use

  countable and uncountable nouns

preposition at the end of a sentence




 comparison of absolute adjectives

 countable and uncountable quantifiers

countable and uncountable


quantifiers countable and


uncountable quantifiers

 incomplete comparisons

 limiting modifiers




and much mor (


      There are a few add ons to get your book to perfection which includes editing and proofreading. EDITING can cause your book to fail or prosper. I have read or should I say struggle to read a number of books, where the message was GOOD, but the book could use a good editor to edit it and bring it to perfection