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Anointed Scribes


About Us


Where We Treat Your Book Like It's Our Book!


Janice Hylton-Thompson


Anointed Scribes Publishing is a one stop shop for all of your publishing needs. Everything you need to publish your book is available here.

When I wrote my first book, Praying For Our Children, it took me years to do research on different publishing companies. I wanted to know what was available; I wanted to be knowledeable of the publishing industry, and I wanted to make sure that I was not going to be taken advantage of in any form.

I knew alot of local authors who published their books with some of the more popular publishers and their experieces were disasterous. They were taken advantage of financially, and they were not happy with the end results.  In fact, many gave up.  I didn't  want that for myself, so year after year, I continued to research and pray.

I faced the following road blocks:

1. Some publishing companies wanted me to send them my manuscript so that they could review it and then decide on a price.

2.  I noticed that their prices were so high that I would have to  had set the price of my book at a ridiculously high price just to attempt to recoup money I had originally invested.

3. In additioon, I met with some local authors whose books were small in pages, but the publishing companies' prices were so high to publish their books, that authors had to price their books at much higher prices, in order to make back the money they had invested.

Here at Anointed Scribes Publishing, that is not the case. We have set prices based on the number of pages in a book. Additionally, we offer discounts on services that other publishers charge austronomical fees for, as well as free giveaways.

Every book is different and everyone has a different vision for their book. You can build a package for your book based on your vision.. 

Eventually, I decided on a known publisher, but I still was not 100% satisfied with the information that I was given or the cost.  It was so expensive, it seemed as though I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted to do with my book at an affordable price.

Thankfully, about a week before I sent my book to that publisher, I found another publisher I felt more comfortable with and, Im happy to say, it was affordable.

Since then, God has anointed me to establish Anointed Scribes Publishing. ASP is designed to help the Kingdom of God birth the vision for your book into earth's realm. Additonally, I believe that God has anointed me to write and teach His people how to be successful in this arena. 

Anointed Scribes Publishing, was born out of the desire of my heart to see authors bring their gifts, talents and love of writing to fruition, without being taken advantage of.

Personally, God has given me so many books to publish, that it is now necessary for me to be a publisher so that I can keep up with the increase in the  body of Christ.

I pray that if the Lord has led and directed you to publish with Anointed Scribes Publishing, you will not hesitate to contact us (Janice) @ 973-573-4381 or email me @

For more information on my books or teaching ministry, please visit my ministry website: