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Anointed Scribes


Where The Spirit of Excellency Reigns!

The Vision Package

Every book is different and God has given everyone a vision for their book. With the vision, that God has given you, build a package just for your. What is the vision that God has given you?

Who are you writing your book to?

Are you writing for family, friends, church families, coworkers?


Are you writing for your book to go to the ends of the world?

The publishing companies will not tell you that the price for your book is based on page count. With this in mind, why should someone whose book is 50 or 100 pages pay the same price as one whose book is 200 or 250 pages???

It's all a scam to get us authors to pay thess crazy prices to get our books published. That's one of the main reasons why POD (Print On Demand) was invented, because regualar authors cannot afford these outrageous prices to publish our books.

 Additionally, unless you have "a name", you will not be able to get into any of the big 6 traditional publishing companies. The big 6 traditional publishing companies, will only publish authors who are "well known". Also, they spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to advertise the books of those well known authors, such as preachers, athletes, celebrities, etc.

Then, you have alot of spin-offs from the traditional companies who charge authors thousands of dollars just to get our books in print.

Here at Anointed Scribes Publishing, you will get all the help and assistance you need at a fair and reasonable price. You will never have to worry about paying outrageous prices to get your book into print. YOU are at the heart of Anointed Scribes Publishing, our most esteemed author.




Why Such Low Prices?

How am I able to charge such low fees? Some author can spend at least $3000 for a cheap package for a book with less than 50 pages. 

In turn, the author has to sell the book for at least $15 just to try and  make back the money they have invested. Sadly, many don't.

I have done the research and have come to realize that alot of the publishing companies are robbing authors.  And because alot of authors are not educated on the publishing industry, they're helpless  because they want to publish their books.

I have also learned that we are being charged for alot of things for which we should not be charged. The publishing companies are in the business of making money for themselves and not so much for us to reap the rewards of our hard labor. All they are concerned about is making money! They could care less about your book!

Not so at Anointed Scribes Publishing.

Here, our main concern is helping you publish your back without the high cost.

 Set Up Fees 

Pages Prices
1-50 $275
51-100 $325
101-150 $375
151-200 $425
201-250 $475
251-300 $525
301-350 $575


Please note that the page count on your computer is different from when a book is formatted. For example, on your computer you might have typed your book and it's a 8x11. However, in book form it might be a 4x6 or 5x8. This will change the page count of your book.


Your Set Up Fees Are Based On:

         The Number of Pages

          Formatting your Manuscript For Book Form 

         File review for consistency of text, fonts, page numbering placement

         Creation of headings and footings and author and book title name on correct pages

         Chapter number and headlines

         Footnotes if necessary

         Setting up your manuscript (size of book, margins, line spacing, correct fonts)

         Creation of Front Matter Pages (Title Page, Copyright Page, Dedicaton Page, Forword, Introduction, etc,.)

         Creation of Back Matter Pages( Bibliography, About The Author, Order Form, etc,)

         Scripture Review And Confirmation (Upt o 30 Included, over 30 a minimal fee for time)

         Assist the author with a 100 word description of book 

          PDF File conversion To Book Form which will be emailed to author

         Any Addtional Assistance....

All Packages Also Includes:

Unlimited One On One Coaching and Consultation

An Editorial Review of  your Manuscript

A Cover Review By Our Professional Designer

A PDF File Of Your Book

A Proof Book & Editorial Review

ISBN & Bar Code Numbers

Library of Congress Control Number (optional)

Website Referral

Author Spot On Our Website

Book Inclusion In Our Bookstore for Free

A 10% Discount For Succesful Referrals For You & Your Referral

Coming Soon Business Cards

10 Free Books

My Resources For Addiotional Marketing and Advertising Merchandise  


Vision Package Add Ons


Add Ons Price

Editing & Proofreading (based on # of words or # of page


$2.75 -$3.00 pp

World Wide Distribution of your book (Amazon, Barns & Noble, etc.) your book will be available for purchase at any bookstore



Ebook Version if you published a paperback (Formatting and Worldwide distribution). Your ebook  available to Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Flipkart, Oyster, Scribd,  Baker & Taylor's Blio and Axis360 (libraries!) and more



Website Set Up With Shopping Cart & Hosting

(Includes first year payment)



Amazon Look Inside The Book (Let's Discuss this)



Cover Design


Email Marketing Campaign(Eblast) (Free For Some)

Marketing (Let The World Know About Your Book)

(Free For Some)

Book Markers Design

Business Cards Design









Marketing: How do you plan on letting people know about your book?

Book Order: Number of copies you would like to purchase.