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 The 210 Plus Club

Our books are what the industry called Print On Demand Books or POD. Most authors will never be picked up by one of the traditional or big 6 publishers. So authors has found ways around this by creating the POD books. They are so named because instead of putting alot of money upfront and puchasing hundreads of books for thousands of dollars, POD books are printed based on orders that are received.

The market is flooded with POD or Vanity publishers. The problem with these companies is that they are so expensive and they charge such a large fee that authors must over price their books in order to try to at least make the money they invested and sadly many dont. In all fairness, its your work and you can put whatever price on it that you wish. But I think its about character and integrity and you want people to continue to support you. You also want to stick with the around the same price per book that similiar books are being sold for.

In addition, you can turn away people from your books. I have seen it and I have not bought some books because they were small in page count as in less than 50 pages but is charging $15.99 for the book. My book Praying For Our Children is 250 pages and I priced it at $19.95. Now I just go ahead and buy the book to show my support because because I understand why they are so expensive.

This causes one of many issues for authors, and the one I want to focus here is not selling enough books. Research shows that most authors almost never sells at least 200 copies of their books.

 There are many factors that causes this from prices of books, marketting, etc. With this in mind, I have created this page called The 210 Plus Club.

Our goal is to sell as many books as possible, and let us begin by breaking the curse of not selling 200 books. I desire that all of my authors will break this barrier because God has given us our gift of writing to reach and minister to people.


$99.99 E-Book Special

Up To 50,000 words.

If you've published a book with us and would like to have it in E-book form also, then its only $99.99

We are living in the tech age and you can have every thing on your phone or tablet.

E-book is another form and often cheaper avenue of reaching people who might not want to purchase a good old book but wold prefer to have it on their tablet.

I like to know what i'm paying for up front so, I like to tell my authors what is included in the E-book special.

There is alot of time and work that goes into creating an e-book and get it into the format that the distributors will accept. Unlike, a word document alot of the rules does not apply with ebooks.

Things affect affects price are: Word Count, length, art work, diagram, boxes, complexity, pictures, etc.





 Begin with a clean word document  Reformat into one continuous document
 Removal of drop caps, headers and footers  Remove paragraph indents
 paragraph conversions  manuscript placed in order by industry standard
 removal of the table of contents  creating of  table of contents within the ebook
 creation of front and back matter pages  make sure that all required informaton is provided
 removal of  invalid tables and page/section breaks  removal of tabs, soft and hard returns
 removal of multiple files  removal of special character and invalid fonts




Ebook ISBN # available to Amazon, Barns and Noble, Kindle & other Ebook distributors
Specially Ebook cover design or we can use yours An author page
placed in our bookstore a copy of your ebook
One on one support any additonal help